What is Faith?

In the electrical field, a fear of heights is something that you have to overcome. From scaffolding to scissor lifts, working up in the air comes with the territory Ladders are the most common method for working in an elevated position and the a-frame ladder is the most infamous of all. Most normal ladders are … Continue reading What is Faith?

Shaved Ice Apologetics

Thoughts on the cross while eating shaved ice with my twin girls. What should we discuss next? https://videopress.com/v/HJbDgZFG?preloadContent=metadata

Troubleshooting Truth – Step 6 Possess The Right Tools

A few times over the years of being a service electrician, I committed the unpardonable sin: I left my tools at home. This usually occurred after I was working on a home project and I failed to remember to put my tool bag back in the truck. It's a sinking feeling when you're at a … Continue reading Troubleshooting Truth – Step 6 Possess The Right Tools